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The subject of African American is a very important topic in the history of the Usa. The African American people have always been discriminated against by white people, unfortunately to this day. The African Americans used to be slaves to white people. They were sold and as a result many families have involuntarily separated. Children were also sold and it didn’t matter how old these Children were. These slaves were then forced to work on plantations from a certain age or had to do other things. They had to do everything they were told. These people had no rights. It is said that slavery began in America in 1619.

Bildergebnis für Schwarze Menschen auf einer Plantage

This is a picture of slaves working on a plantation.

At that time the owners of the slaves even had the right to kill or rape them because they belonged to the owner and had no rights. Today black people are still discriminated against by some people, but not as badly as they were in the 17th and 18th centuries. At the time, the northern states of America fought to abolish slavery. This led to a civil war which the northern states won and then slavery was completely abolished in 1865.

A very important man for African American is Martin Luther King. His speech, which he spoke to more than 250,000 people, moved people. Through this speech, he took a very big and good step for the black community towards equality.

Bildergebnis für martin luther king
A picture of Martin Luther King

I think there will always be people who discriminate against black people because you can’t completely abolish something like that. No matter how hard people work. There are always people who are incomprehensible. Personally, I can’t understand why some people are discriminated against because of their looks, skincolor or other things. Because we’re all the same no matter what you look like or what language you speak. These days, it happens again and again that black people are treated differently by the police than white people. One example is George Floyd.

Bildergebnis für blacklivesmatter
A picture of a demonstration for Black Lives Matter
Bildergebnis für george floyd
A picture of George Floyd

George Floyd’s death has made people realise that something needs to change, and now they are fighting for justice. And in my opinion, this is exactly the right thing to do, because something like this should never happen. I think demonstrations like Black Lives Matter bring people together who support each other and stick together, whether black or white, and I think that’s a nice thing and it should never be any different. Racism and discrimination are terrible and everyone should realise it because it is important. People would be much closer if they had no prejudices against other people. And I mean not just racism or discrimination against black people but against all people.

Bildergebnis für Schwarze und Weiße menschen zusammen




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    A really good text. You have picked out exciting topics and you have choose some pretty pictures.

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    Your text is well structured and you used good topics. It is good that you have also dealt with subjects like selling the slaves or that the owners had the right to rape them. Your text should be well provided.
    It’s good that you gave the sources below.

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