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Educattional and professional difference between „white“ people and African Americans

The difference between private schools and public schools is big. In the private schools are the most students white and in the public schools the most students are African Americans. The most African Americans doesn´t have enough money for private schools. The education is at the private schools better than in the public schools. The money from the parents help the private school to equip itself better. The public schools have not enough money to equipt itselfs with good things. The students from the private schools have etter chances do go to a college or to get a job. due to the differences in the schools and the education from the students, there is again a small „racial segregation“. People with African American typical names have more problems to get a job. By the names the Boss knew if you are white or an African American. A lot of people today thinking that African American doesn´t have the same qualifications like white people. Because of that the African Americans work in jobs with less income.

The situation withe the Police and the African Americans

The situation between the Police and the African American is terrifying. It is also terrifying how arbitrary white people call the police, because a black person just lives his life. For example has been called the Police, because two black mens were sitting in the Starbucks and just waited. The two mens were arrested from the Police even though they didn´t do anything. I personally find it terrifying why people call the Police, because of two mens sitting in a Starbucks. I do not understand it. It is their right to sit in a Starbucks. The two mens didn´t do anythig what was criminal. In America it happens often that the police are called, because of black persons. But in most cases the black persons has not done anything criminal. Just as terrifyig is it how much black people dead because of the Police. The police shoot innocent people. That became clearer when George Floyd died in 2020 as a result of the Police. The dead from George Floyd went trough the media and was kown worldwide. Whereby people have thought about the Police in America whether they always act correctly. By notorety of the dead from George Floyd, many people took to the streets to protest the violence of the Police. Because of the protest from the peple, the Police have to think about the violence i the insert. The Police officers reponsible for killing an innocent person will not be convicted. The life of all pople is important and that is exactly wy more innocent people schould not die.×398.jpg

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  1. Nina Volmer sagt:

    you talked good about the school and job problems. You also explained the police brutality well

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