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Hello again and welcome to my blog, after last weeks focus on the great things women did for the american nation many of you were asking, if I could write something about african americans and I think the idea is great. So for today we will be talking about the african americans who made the US a better place, starting with an incredible engineer, who is not credited enough, partially because early on he had no interest in getting patents for his inventions. Of course I mean the cool co-founder of “Thermo King“ Frederick McKinley Jones.

Born May 17. in 1893 into a poor family, his mother left him and his father when he was just a child, to ake things worse his father died only a few years later, thus making him an orphan. The young boy was lucky that he was taken care of by a local member of the church. Eventually he leaves with poor education, but that was no problem for him because he had one thing: Talent! McKinley eventually ended up in Hallock where he would stay to repair cars and take part in local racing. Very fast it became clear that he was able to do more than just fixing cars. Next to his other great inventions, he invented the very first snow-speeder by combining an old aircraft body, an engine and the propeller. The young inventor was a big help in his city by modifying, repairing and upgrading everything the townspeople needed him to. He invented sound systems, build the tows radio station and did so much more. McKinley also fought in WW1, again being a great help fixing machines, cars and keeping the communication up. He got the title Sergent.

In 1938 he would invent his masterpiece, a system for refridgerated transport. With his invention it was possible to transport food for long distances without the risk of it rotting, a revoltion for grocery stores which led to the birth of the modern supermarket. It also secured a having healthy food and fresh meat, even for the poor. In WW2 he adapted the invention to hold blood and plasma for transfusions. This man saved lives! He and his partner founded an empire that is worth more than 30 million dollars today. In his time in the business he would make more than 50 patents. He died on the 21. fabruary 1961 and after his death he was awarded the medal of technology.

Another great african american is of course the 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama. He was born in the same year as Frederick McKinley Jones died, at August 4th on Hawaii. Obama was President from 2009-2017, making him the last President before Trump took the US for a spin, a 4 year long spin, we all know the results. In his early years Obama is amazed by Martin Luther King Jr. peaceful way of demonstration. Inspired by the ways of his idol, Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize. Before Obama became a big politician, he was a social worker, he studied law at Harvard and became a Senate member of Illinois, there he joins the democrat party and candidates for presidancy. After becoming not only being a father of two daughters, he is also US-President, in his position, he gives his best to stablize the economy and brings in a new healthcare system which gives over 30 million people a health insurance. A great man, who did a great service to his country.

https://cdn.prod.www.spiegel.de/images/4d66c72d-9795-4728-9e02-966828111398_w1600_r1.5176151761517616_fpx34_fpy41.jpg (Obama Bild)

https://www.hdg.de/lemo/biografie/barack-obama.html (Obama Infos)

https://www.minnpost.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/default/files/imagecache/article_detail/images/articles/thermo-king.jpg?fit=%2C&strip=all (McKinley Bild)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVVo5tHFWrY (McKinley Infos)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgfytJNcHN4 (McKinley Infos)


  1. Nina Volmer sagt:

    I like the writing style and that it is not written in a complicated way. You can read it easy and good

  2. Kjell Hanstein sagt:

    I find the Text very exciting because it shows others sides of the African American in their Life situation and explains the lives of Special people

  3. Lasse Reichmann sagt:

    I like the way I realized the allusion “the cool co-founder“ only after reading the article. I didn’t know who McKinley even was and I din’t know who invented refrigerated transport. I like your article, but it was very little updated.

  4. Lukas Dudek sagt:

    You also go directly to the blog directly at the beginning with the reader, which creates tension. In addition, the pictures are very good and clear. Also how you respond to an example of a black man born poor, who later became a successful businessman through hard work. All in all a very good blog!

  5. Laura Frahm sagt:

    The article is nicely written and inetresting because it gives a different perspective. The reader focuses on positive things about african americans and what some have done despite the difficult circumstances.

  6. Joana Hoeft sagt:

    Hey Enrico,

    your entire blog has a good structure and important points. I like the style how you wrote your blog and talk to the reader. I didn´t know that much about Frederick McKinley Jones before.
    You are a very good bloger, use your talent!

    See you:)

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