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Back in 1690, the first African American indentured servants had arrived in the American colonies. Not even a decade later, the first slaves are brought into the old New York City, which was ,,New Amsterdam“ in that time. By 1690, every colony has slaves. One of the earliest slave revolts, the Stono Rebellion, happened in 1739. About 80 African slaves with weapons tried to escape but failed. Nearly 100 years later, in 1831, William Lloyd Garrison begins publication of the anti-slavery newspaper ,,the Liberator“ and becomes a leading voice in the Abolitionist movement. From 1831 to 1861, approximately 75,000 slaves escape to the North using the Underground Railroad. In this year, the civil war begins which has ended four year later. You may heard abaout Rosa Parks. In 1955, in Montgomery, Rosa Parks is arrested for breaking a city ordinance. She refused to give up her seat in a bus to a white man. This act gives a momentum to the Civil Rights Movement. Already two years later Martin Luther King Jjr. and others set up the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a leading engine of the Civil Rights Movement. It took a time, but in 1964, the Civil Rights Act has signed. Following, the Voting Rights Act has passed. From now on, African Americans are allowed to vote. Two years later, Eward W. Brooke became the first African American U.S. Senator since Reconstruction. A tragic moment for all African Americans happened in 1968, when Martin Luther King Jr. got assassinated in Tennessee. 389 years after the first African Americans arrived in colonies, Barack Obama becomes the first African American to win the U.S. presidental race.

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400 years (1619-2019) after the beginning of African enslavement in the  British colony of Virginia | Pambazuka News

In the US, they went from seperate sinks to the same sinks, from seperate schools to the same schools, from no right to vote to a right to vote, but they still havent’t gotten away from everyday racism. The African American had to fight for more than 400 years and have still not bee properly accepted just because of their skin. The whites pretend the blacks are the bad ones, but they do it themselves. For years we have heard that innocent black people are being shot by white policemen. The most famous event in 2020 was the death of George Floyd which was going around the world. It was like a wake-up call for all of america and the world. It was not for nothing that there were riots everywhere in america that bordered on civil war.

But all in all, a lot has changed over time. The blacks are no longer subject to the white and can live their own life. They have the same rights, but I think they are still not treated equally. A white should be wrapped into the skin of a black only for one day and it would change a lot.


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