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The year 2020 was a crazy year for the black community in America,. “Black lives Matter“ had a huge impact on the situation how the African-American community is treated worldwide. There were a lot of demonstrations about how the black community is treated and that they won’t be silent anymore. It wasn’t only the black community, who demonstrated, also white people demonstrated for the rights of African-American. The main reason, why it even got to the news, was the death of George Floyd. He screamed: „I can’t breathe“, while three white police officers were standing right next to him.  One of them also had his knee on the neck of him, so he cut off the way for George Floyd to breathe. Thereby George Floyd died. Not only were they chased down by the police or got pulled over for no reason, they also had a lot of disadvantages in other ways. African-Americans are bullied in school and are being held a gun to their had for absolutely no reason. Furthermore their teachers in school would give them a worse grade than their white class mates, just because they are black. It all started, when they were transported as slaves to the US and other states. They are extremely disadvantaged since then. 

Water fountains symbolize 1960s civil rights movement

They got separated in school , had to use often different, had to drink out of a water fountain, that had worse conditions and couldn’t eat in the same restaurants as the white folks. During the last year the condition for African American people got better. They don’t have to use different bath rooms or use a different entry for the restaurants anymore. They still aren’t treaded equally in 2021, but it got better. Children of different skin tones can play together, so no one is left out, in the best case.

While they could not get a job in politics earlier, they can today. There also was a black president, Barack Obama, who had huge impact on getting the African American community get treaded better.

 Also Martin Luther King was an important person for the black community. With his  speech „I have a dream“, that he held in front of more than 250.000 people, he made clear that he wants equal rights for everybody. Today there are a lot of African-Americans, who have an amazing career in sports. For example the whole basketball business is characterized by black people. Just to name one of the most famous black athlete: Michael Jeffrey Jordan. He was a great basketball player and is still known for his skills. He also got a collaboration with NIKE to make Shoes, who are very popular. Loads of people take him as an inspiration, to get successful. Of course, there a a lot of African-American celebrities are important to get the African-Americans get treated better, but the celebrities are only a small percentage of the community. Most of them are still getting treated worse, than white people. African-Americans are still considered to be dangerous, if you have a lighter skin tone, you won’t be considered as bad as people with a very dark skin tone (Brian Jones, The Guardian Magazine). Also many people don’t understand the meaning behind the n-word. Even if African-American music artists put it in their songs and you can hear them saying it, it does  not give us, white people the right to say it, even if it’s just in a song. It is still a word, that were used as an insult towards them. It reminds them of a terrible time their loved ones had to endure, so they don’t accept the fact, that white people use the word os randomly. 

Even if we live in the 21st. Century, „[t]he average family wealth of a white family is still almost seven times more than a black family in the US“ (BBC News). There is by far nothing equal. There is a white-privilege and the African-Americans are really disadvantaged. 

But there is an improvement to see. There is a significantly low for poverty in the US. With 18,8 % of a poverty rate, it decreased almost the half since then 1960’s (BBC News, 9). You can also see that more African-Americans finish the college, which means a better chance for a better life, if the lived in poverty before (BBC News, 9).   

Coming from overseas, the situation in Europe is not necessarily better. Even though you can see African-Americans in the big cities, you won’t often see them in „client-facing roles, in jobs that allow them to engage directly with the public“ (DW, Source 10). You will probably see them in jobs „behind the scenes“. For example the work in the restaurants kitchen or commonly known at the bathrooms of restaurants (DW, 10). Just by giving these examples you can see, that there is a long way to go, to equalize the rights and well-being of the African-American. Even if you can’t see the daily racism towards them, it is still there and if there is not going to be a big change and difference, it will take a long time to achieve the equal rights for them and stop the white privilege that we have.







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