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Afro-American are still discriminated in our current western society. Afro-Americans in the US neihter think they are that immportant nor they can live their own dreams. That turned out the speech Barack Obama gave after joge floyd was killed by a police officer.

But why do people think that they are not as worth as white skinned people? Shouldn‘t the centuries of discrimination have been overcome nowadays?

After the „Civil-Rights-Law“ in 1964 black citizens are equal to white people. Furthermore racial segregation became illegal. But when we take a look at the facts, then you can see that white people are mostly healthier, higher educated and more wealthy.

In the last ten years you can see that white people still earn 20-25% more money than black people. Also the casual income of many households are above or below the middle income. Only a few black people who were raised in poor familys respectively horrible circumstances manage to escape this situation.

Infografik US-Einkommen nach Ethnien DE

Six out of ten blacks are dissatisfied with the way people of their own race are treated by society, including 32% who are more likely malcontent to this and another 28% who are somewhat dissatisfied. Only 39% of blacks nationwide are satisfied, including just 8% who feel comfortable about the circumstances.

Contrast this with the views of white americans. Almost two thirds of the light skinned population would say they are personally satisfied with the way blacks are treated in the current society while only 34% are dissatisfied. Some scholars talk about the existence of structural racism in the US and there are statistics that corroborate this. In 2018, a poll by nbc news surveyMonkey found that a majority of Americans believe racism is a major issue in the United States. According to the poll, 64% said “racism remains a major problem” in society. This is while 45% of Americans believe race relations are getting worse.

Jim Crow law

Jim Crow – Wikipedia

Anti-black racism in the United States continues to be a problem over half a century since the abolition of Jim Crow laws. These laws enforced segregation between black and white americans in public places. Although the „Civil-Rights-Act“ of 1964 outlawed discrimination in employment and banned race-based segregation, as well as sporadic efforts by successive US governments to tackle racial inequalities, racism still looms large in 21st-century America.

Corporate Health Insurance - Should you rely on it?

no job no Health insurance

Most of americans population get their „Health Insurance“ from his employer. If you do not have a job, you‘ll not get an insurance. Blacks
have according to statistics a worse employment contract because the Health-Insurance is often not included in the employment contract.

Crime and Family Relationships 

The statistics says that blacks have a 5 times higher probability to get in prison than the white population of america.

A Look at the Family relationships let you recognize that more than a half of dark-skinned people don´t grow up with a mother or a father in the same household. That is caused by the areas of black-skinned population which are mostly full of crimes and horrible conditions. This results from the fact that they don´t have enough money to live in better areas and conditons. That is also why doing crime is more popular in the black society. Crimes like dealing drugs or a membership in a gang (e.G bloods and cribs) give them an insurance for help, money and a possibillity of a future in better conditions.

Don't believe the myth that African-Americans don't care about 'black-on- black' crime - New York Daily News


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