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We all know that racism is a big topic especially for African Americans. They have to fight their whole life and this is more than inappropiate especially the way many people are acting in front of them is inhuman.


A known event was the defense of Rosa Parks in a puplic bus. December 1, 1995 a white passenger demanded that Rosa Parks should get up from the reserved seats which were for the whites but she refused it because she didn´t wanted to stand for the rest of the ride. Mrs. Parks stayed on her seat because she was tired of always having to give in. The bus driver called the police and insisted that she should be arrested. She was arrested and had to pay 14$. On the day of the trial, the Women’s Political Council organized a one-day boycott of public buses. The black population called for carpooling, using taxis or walking. Nearly 100 percent of blacks did it and it became clear that the black population was united behind the protest.


Feb. 3, 1964, school boycott

In the past there was already segregation in the schools. One example you can read in the book ,,A Lesson before Dying“. The African Americans were segregated from the white students. The black students were taught in a cold church and got the old school supplies from the whites. The African Americans were not always in school because they had to work on fields to support their family.  From then to now it has changed but segregation is still a important topic. Public schools are mostly visited by African Americans and private schools by white students. The problem is that most of the African Americans doesn´t have any money to pay for an education at a private school. It´s known that it´s better to graduate at a private school because the graduation will be better. As an white student of a private school you have more chances to get a well payed job. But when you´re an African American it can be hard to find a job. When you apply for a job it could possible be that the employe is white and has racist thoughts. Many people in America are thinking that the African American are having other qualifications as the whites. That the African American could not work reasonably or that they could do criminal things.

Succes story

Martin Luther King - Kampf gegen Rassismus - Wissen - SWR Kindernetz

A person we all know was Marin Luther King. He was engaged to nonviolent struggle against oppression and social injustice. From 1950-1965, he was a prominent spokesman for the Civil Right Movement which advocated for the U.S. black civil rights movement. Through his efforts and those of many others, the Civil Rights Movement succeeded. The racial segregation was abolished.His most famous speech was ,,I Have a Dream,“ which he delivered to a crowd of 250,000 in Washington on August 28, 1963, at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom


Poll: Only 36% of black Americans trust the police

Many white people are calling the police because the people are black. One example is shown in a video where a white woman called 911 because a black girl was selling water to save money for a trip to Disneyland. The white woman wasn´t okay with it because the skin colour of the girl was black. Another scenario was when black people wanted to check out of their Airbnb and were confronted by seven police cars because a white American thought they´re were robbing the house. A scenario which was not long ago is the George Floyd incident. On May 25, 2020, George Floyd bought cigarettes in a store. The employee of he store followed him to his car and told him that the money seems fake. Mr. Floyd answered him that it was real. The police was called by the employee. They arrived and went to Floyds car. They tried to talk to him but he was scared and started to cry. He told them that he had already been shot in the past. The officers arrested him and at that time George Floyd didn´t know why. Floyd begged not to be shot. Across the street Floyd stiffened and went to the ground. His body was lifted up by the two police officers and pressed against the door of the patrol car. He says he just recovered from COVID-19 and is claustrophobic. The police officer pressed his knee on the man’s neck and Floyd told him several times that he isn´t able to breathe. But the officer wasn´t carrying. People were filming the scenario and told the police officers to stand up to let him breathe but they we´re not carrying. Floyd lost consciousness. At the hospital his death was confirmed


After the George Floyd incident many demonstrations started. Black Lives Matter demonstrations started again to fight against racism and for George Floyds death. Black Lives Matter was founded in 2013. Many people gathered at the accident location and created a memorial. It was mourned and demonstrations for George Floyd were organized.

Minneapolis: Solemn by Day, Violent by Night - The New York Times
George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis



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