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The African Americans have to deal with a past full of slavery, discrimination and racism. And still today in the year 2021 they have to live with racism and the privileges of the white people. They have a long way behind them, they fight for equality since the beginning of their story. Since the year 1619 when the first african slaves were brought to America. Famous African Americans like Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks faught for their rights and for a bright future for the next generations of the African-Americans. They have got so far, but there is still a long way to go.

Martin Luther King at his speech at the Washington march

Because even today The African-Americans earn just a quarter of the salery that white Americans get at their jobs. And the healthcare in black neighborhoods is not as good as the one in white ones. The air pullution in the black neighborhoods it’s also very bad and it’s very difficult for them to eat healthy there and take care of their own body, because of the bad offers they have there. In addition to this there are many more reasons why the Life expectancy is in average four years less than in other neighborhoods. African-Americans are very dissatisfied with the general situation you can see that especially with the Black Lives Matter demonstration which got much more simplified and much more attention after George Floyd‘s death in may, 2020.

Black lives matter -an international movement against violence against black people
-this organization plans protest against police violence and racism -it was founded by three young women (Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi) in the year 2013 -they did it after George Zimmermann shot the afican american Trayvon Martin and got acquitted

African American Celebrities
Nowadays there are many African American celebrities: actors, athletes, politicians, singers, dancers, presenters and many more in other fields. And even they have to deal with racism. The football team Manchester City played against FC Burnley on the 22 of June in the year 2020. After the death of George Floyd many football leagues, teams, coaches and players became involved with the Black Lives Matter movement. Instead of the names of the player the Movement-Slogan stands on the jerseys. On the black-skinned, german national player Leroy Sanè‘s jersey too.Before the match started, a plane flew over the stadium. The plane trailed a banner that read „White lives matter – Burnley”. Everyone was shocked. The club FC Burnley said after the game that this
was not planned by them and that they dissociate themselves from it. „As a light-skinned black woman it’s important that I’m using my privilege, my platform, to show you how much beauty there is in the African-American community,“ that is a phrase from Zendaya, a well known actress. In interviews she talked about that she did not face racism like darker skinned African Americans and that she loves to use her privilege as a light-skinned black woman to fight for equality for black people.



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    I find the event by the football Game very interesting because it shows you how current the topic is and that people who may only know from television are also concerned with it.

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    I really liked the information on the football incident because it shockingly shows how active the racist whites who are trying to keep their privileges

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    I think it’s good that you show how the BLM affects the whole world with the football example

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