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Poor children

African Americans are often represented in the USA, where around 40 Millionen African Americans live. The people have faced a lot of racism and bullying in the past. More and more people advocate „Black lives Matter“ to put an end to this, but there are still many racist people in this world. Over the years African Americans have built up a lot and made progress. As an example there are far fewer people living in poverty compared to 1966 and the rate continues to decline. In the USA People live in poverty when their basic income is insufficient to meet their needs. The poverty rate in 2019 was around half that in 1966. 

Another success story of the african Americans is that the ? sharp unemployment rate has fallen but because of the corona pandemic the rate has risen. The unemployment rate from the white people is constantly a half of the black unemployment rate. Which means that the white people get a job more often than African Americans. Furthermore the African Americans get less money than the white people. In the last years is nothing happened in this think. African Americans get about 60% of what white people get. The African Americans do a lot for their own and for the other African Americans .

George Floyd

To often African Americans victims of violence. An example that wasn’t long time ago is George Floyd. For the people who don’t know who was the person. George Floyd was an African American man who was arrested by a police officer in front of a Shop. He was arrest because he pays with a fake 20 dollar bill. Why is his story a good example for the violence against African Americans? The police officers who were called by the manager of the store draped him out of his car. They threw him on the ground and one police officer sat down on George Floyd neck so he couldn’t get up and run away. George Floyd couldn’t breathe. A few people saw this and filmed. He died because the police officer didn’t get up or hold him in another way so he can breathe. He is only one example for violence against African Americans. There are hundreds African Americans affected by violence. In my opinion it is even more worse when this violence comes from the police. The police have to protect us. Not all police officers are bad persons but there are many officers who use their power in a wrong way. Since this was happened many people have been campaigning for Black Lives Matter. This campaign works against the violence against black people. But there is not only violence against African Americans they are bullied and judged. How it feels like to live in a country that has not accepted you. It doesn’t matter what skin color you have or where you come from. They are many people who don’t care where you are come from or what skin color you have but there are also people who don’t care. People are scared and it shouldn’t be. Nobody should be afraid to got out or have fun. African Americans should be treated like any other person they should get as much money and not be disadvantaged in jobs. We are all human and we all have the right to live.

Black Lives Matter
Woman holds up a sign saying Black Lives Matter


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  1. In my opinion the text is very well written. The text has good information on the topic of African Americans. You can read the text well and the pictures are inserted appropriately.

  2. Celine Giehl sagt:

    Your text is good. It’s good that you went back to the cop and police violence on the subject of George Floyd. Your text is well structured and easy to read. That you have given the sources below is also good.

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