You are probably working on your first blog.

Go to www.jpotthoff.de/wp-admin and login with your first name (login name) and last name (password).

  • ä, ö, ü become ae, oe, ue; and ß becomes ss
  • use small letters only.
  • The two Lasses have the login names lasse (Lasse Knaack) and lasse-r (Lasse Reichmann)
  • When you have logged in, click on „Seite“ in the black menu on the left. Create a new page (Seite erstellen).

If there are any questions, just write to me, I will be only today (Friday, 15th) from 09:00h until 13:00h.

Source: http://sociallyurban.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/black-lives-matter-lol1.jpg
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